Pedestrian Tunnel Toronto: The Advantages of Curtain Injection

An RFP was issued in October 2018 for a repair of the pedestrian tunnel connecting Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital and Shoniker Clinic under Neilson Road in Toronto, Ontario (Canada).
The scope of work was to repair the failed expansion joints within the tunnel, repair leaking cracks and concrete surfaces by excavating the tunnel and installing new waterproofing on the tunnel walls and roof slab. The work needed to be completed during the months of December to March requiring heat and storage for waterproofing application in the topside excavated areas. This would also require phased closures of Neilson Road and the Hospital Emergency Entrance for excavation and the complete closure of the tunnel during some of the phases.
By using KÖSTER Injection Gel G4 with curtain wall injection, the repairs were completed in half the original scheduled time, circumventing excavation and therefore avoiding any road or entrance closures. The tunnel was able to remain open to the public for the entire process and the owner saved 50% of the original contract price.



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